black dog syndrome

Ok, so you know that shelter animals have a hard time finding homes and numerous photographers like Jessica Trinh and Sarolta Bán have put their artistic touch to help them shine. But did you know that black cats and dogs have it even harder when it comes to finding a home just because of their colour?

Books and movies haven’t helped with their reputation as they are often depicted as evil or bad luck. In comes photographer Fred Levy, to dismiss the “black dog syndrome” with the Black Dog Project. “I want to bring awareness to this issue and remind people who are searching for the perfect dog that black dogs have great personalities too”, Levy told The Huffington Post.

You might not think that black dogs with a dark backdrop would work but Fred’s photos prove otherwise; each subject with hopeful eyes and glistening coats, ready to show you that they are just as loving.

We have noticed that lots of kids are fearful of our black and tan dog Udie and we’re not surprised. Kid’s movies often feature big black dogs as ‘the bad guys’. Take ‘Up’ for example, ‘Doug’ the friendly dog resembles a golden retriever where as ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’ are both scary black dogs. We would like to think that Dobermans and Rottweilers were chosen because they are popular guard dogs. In movies, they add a lot of drama but by doing so, black dogs subtly gain more and more stigma. It would be nice to see a black dog as the hero one day.

Come on everyone, let’s not be colourist! Our dog Udie is black and one of the friendliest dogs we know.

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    Zebedee was a black dog and from a rescue home, and he was the best dog ever. FACT.
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    I don’t mean to take awareness away from dogs, but black cats have this issue as well! I won’t say any more about it...
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